Bed tents for kids

Fun and functional, bed tents for kids can provide many hours of enjoyment for a child, day in and day out. Some parents even report that having a bed tent encourages kids to sleep in their own bed.

Below are several examples of kid’s bed tents which can be ordered online. Some of these bed tents for children have themes which might be favored by boys, and others play tents on this page are designed more for girls. And some of the other bed tents would be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Some of the tents shown below might be considered bed tents for girls, while some of the others are bed tents for boys. Click on any of the bed tent images to see the details for that particular item.

bed tents for girlsgirls bed tentbed tents for kids

bed tents for boysboys bed tentbed tent for kids

When selecting bed tents for kids, it is important to get the right size of tent. They typically are designed to fit either twin or full bed sizes. The quality of tent construction and how well it attaches to the bed or mattress are also considerations to keep in mind when selecting the item for your child. Some commonly searched for bed tent themes are dora bed tents. Also quite often searched for are the tinkerbell bed tent style and princess bed tent themes, though some of these are not always easy to find.

While quite durable, most bed tents are meant for indoor use. Kids often like to take stuffed animals inside the bed tent with them. Some can be closed or zipped by the child providing them a sense of privacy. Some bed tents for kids even come with windows. Light weight and typically easy to assemble and able to be disassembled and packed into a small space, bringing a bed tent along on a road trip for use at a hotel can also be a good idea.

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