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Tinkerbell bed tent

One of the most popular styles of bed tents for girls is the Tinkerbell bed tent. And for good reason. Who couldn’t like that wonderful, magical fairy who leaves a pixie dust twinkling trail. Some examples of tinker bell bed tents available online are shown below. Hope the information on this website has helped you …

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Play tents for kids

The following are not bed tents, but rather play tents for kids, meant to be used on the floor. Kids have great fun with play tents, and some examples of these items are shown here: Most of these are meant for indoor use. Good luck with your search for play tents for kids.

Bed tents for girls

Create a fun environment for kids to play in with bed tents for girls. These sort of tents can sometimes also be used on the ground without a bed. Some examples of bed tents for girls include the following. Bed tents for girls can sometimes encourage children to sleep in their own beds. They can …

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Toddler tent beds

Toddler tent beds can be difficult items to find. Most of the tent beds that I’ve seen are raised type beds which appear to be designed for slightly older kids. However, there are some in a toddler bed size, such as this one, which is a toddler bed with tent: An alternative to toddler tent …

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Bed tents for boys

Bed tents for boys often include the color blue and graphics depicting typical themes like race cars popular with boys. Examples of these sort of bed tents include:

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